Alpha Roadmap:

    Game Features:

  • Additional Characters [In Progress]

  • I'm currently adding additional enemy sub-factions for the campaign, each of these "factions" will use either the existing Union or Imperial units, but like the 2 current pirate factions, each new sub-faction will have their own flagship and a series of campaign scenarios for the player to encounter. The goal is to add at least 3 additional pirates and also about 5 corporate sub-factions
  • Additional Units [In Progress]

  • this will mostly focus on additional flagship types and flagship modules for the campaign

  • Additional Unit Abilities
  • a few units already have active or passive effects, but I intend to add more, as well as a better GUI for displaying passive abilities (tractor beams for example already apply a firing rate debuff, but the interface doesn't notify the player)

  • Unit Upgrades
  • Unit Veterancy [Implemented]

  • Random Map Generator
  • (also more preset maps with support for more players)

    Game Modes:

  • Procedural Campaign [In Progress]

  • the procedural rogue-lite campaign, when completed will include multiple additional zones, many additional scenario types, and additional unlockable flagships for replayability and progression between multiple playthroughs

  • Story Campaign
  • the Empyrean Empire's campaign is planned to be a short traditional RTS campaign with scripted missions (might be cut in favor of focusing on the Union's Procedural Campaign)

  • "Quick Start" System Skirmish
  • solar system skirmishes where each player starts already in control of a preset territory

  • Arcade
  • extra game modes such as tower defense, tug of war, wave defense, and others (possibly with a level editor)

    Engine Features:

  • Save/Load Games
  • Rebindable Hotkeys [Implemented]

  • Improved Ability Interface [In Progress]

  • I'm working on an improved GUI for using active abilities, especially those from flagship modules
  • Additional Camera Controls [Implemented]

  • I want to add a keyboard-based option for camera controls, there are a lot of different control schemes that players are familiar with from other RTS games, so the additions to this feature set will largely depend on player feedback

  • Improved Effects
  • better explosions, particles, engine effects

  • More Destruction Animations
  • larger units will have more detailed destruction effects
  • Improved Movement/Pathfinding [In Progress]

  • Overall Graphical Improvements
  • AI Improvements [In Progress]

  • the easy/normal skirmish AI are in a pretty good state, I've also added a hard AI but there are some further improvements
Empyrean Frontier

Empyrean Frontier
Empyrean Frontier