Alpha Roadmap:

Why Alpha Funding?

Empyrean Frontier is a very ambitious game, especially for a small indie dev, and it has a pretty extensive feature list. It was important to me to get a working and fairly well polished version of the core gameplay before putting the game up for sale, and the game is now in what I would consider to be a playable and fun state. However, there are still new features and new game modes that I want to add to the game, and an alpha funding model will allow me to get player feedback, build publicity, and bring in additional funding to support the remaining development of the game. The following is a list of planned features (subject to change) to be added or completed during the alpha stage of development.

    Game Features:

  • Unit Upgrades
  • Unit Veterancy [Implemented]

  • Random Map Generator
  • (also more preset maps with support for more players)

  • Additional Unit types
  • advanced fighter groups, more building modules, and maybe hero units

  • Additional Unit Abilities
  • a few units already have active or passive effects, but I intend to add more, as well as a better GUI for displaying passive abilities (tractor beams for example already apply a firing rate debuff, but the interface doesn't notify the player)

    Game Modes:

  • "Quick Start" System Skirmish
  • solar system skirmishes where each player starts already in control of a preset territory
  • Procedural Campaign [In Progress]

  • longer campaign similar to Solar System skirmishes but the player takes a single fleet through a series of procedurally generated missions

  • Story Campaign
  • traditional RTS campaign with scripted missions (might be cut in favor of Procedural Campaign)

  • Arcade
  • extra game modes such as tower defense, tug of war, wave defense, and others (possibly with a level editor)

    Engine Features:

  • Save/Load Games
  • Rebindable Hotkeys
  • Improved Effects
  • better explosions, particles, engine trail effects

  • More Destruction Animations
  • larger units will have more detailed destruction effects

  • Improved Movement/Pathfinding
  • Overall Graphical Improvements
  • AI Improvements
  • the easy/normal skirmish AI are in a pretty good state, but there are a few extra features I'd like to add for hard AI, as well as improving the solar system skirmish AI
Recommended System Specs:
    Processor: 2.2Ghz+ i5/i7
  • RAM: 3GB+
  • Graphics: DX10 capable graphics card GTX 460m or better
Empyrean Frontier

Empyrean Frontier
Empyrean Frontier



Download Demo:

Empyrean Frontier Alpha Demo